Social to Crowd

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Reconocimiento en la web

Tu nombre aparecerá en la sección de agradecimientos de la plataforma web

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Acceso exclusivo a la fase de pruebas de la plataforma para probarla personalmente + Reconocimiento web

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Formar parte de una red de embajadores del proyecto + BETA-TESTER + Reconocimiento web

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Formar parte de una red de embajadores del proyecto + camiseta e.i. + BETA-TESTER + Reconocimiento web

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Patrocinar un proyecto concreto dentro de la plataforma

A las organizaciones o personas que aporte esta cantidad se les prestará un servicio adicional de acompañamiento y asesoramiento para la presentación de un proyecto en la plataforma Social to Crowd, durante el primer año de funcionamiento y aparecerán como patrocinador.

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Organizaciones impulsoras

Aparecer como organizaciones impulsoras en la plataforma, durante un tiempo los proyectos de los impulsores serán destacados en los primeros puestos.

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Personalización de la plataforma a una ONG

A las organizaciones que aporten esta cantidad les adaptaremos la plataforma a su imagen corporativa y a sus necesidades para que puedan usarla independientemente.

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[EN] Crowdfunding campaign for "Social to Crowd" project

28 | 05 | 2014

Open knowledge cooperative "Enreda" launches crowdfunding campaign for "Social to Crowd" project thanks to an agreement between "Goteo" (spanish crowdfunding platform) and the International University of Andalusia, framed in the III call for "UNIA Capital Riego" and focused on cooperation and childhood. This project is supported by ERIS, which can generate collaboration with different organizations and citizens (Wadobo and Cuarto Sector in that case) trying to seeking social transformation through the use of information technology and communication (ICT).

Social To Crowd is defined as a platform to facilitate direct solidarity among organizations and citizens without the dependence on money and generating a new value in reusing things. The platform is inspired by the crowdfunding focused on facilitating the entire logistics process to provide material goods to social projects.

This project starts funding campaign on May 19th. The first phase provides a term of 40 days, until June 27th, to reach the minimum funding and a second phase of another 40 days, until August 6th, for projects wishing optimal funding after reaching the minimum goal.

The aim of the crowdfunding campaign is to launch the project covering all aspects but focusing on those needs that the promoter group can not take so easily. In addition, the group behind the project want this campaign can facilitate people know that in order to reach a critical mass that can use and share the platform.

The promoter group of the project is composed of professionals and companies who share common values ​​and goals oriented social innovation.

Video link: [Sub EN]


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